J'aimerais tant ressentir à nouveau quelque chose, le début d'une émotion, pour quelqu'une.

En attendant, j'essaie de me persuader qu'il existe encore des filles bien quelque part.




I know you are living somewhere

And we don't know each other

I ignore if we'll meet some day

My life is just a long way to you

A long waiting of you

A premonition of you


You're in my dreams

Along the years

You are near me when

I close my eyes

With thousand faces

Thousand voices

Even if I cry

And my life

Is a lie


You're my sweatness

My loneliness

You're my soul mate

My only friend

In my bed

You take the whole space

We'll spent all our nights

Face to face

'Til the end


A premonition

Of you and I

An intuition

Of who we are

A premonition

Another life

I just want to be

By your side


If I'd never encounter you

After awaiting all my life

At least I'd believe in love

Even if it was just an illusion

An illusion of you

A premonition of you